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Types of user accounts

Reimbi has two types of user accounts. Requesters are able to create expense and expense reports. Requesters are also eligible to receive direct payouts. Staff accounts are assigned to the people that require special permissions in Reimbi for approvals, configurations, and billing purposes. 

How to assign a staff account in Reimbi

This step and additional editing of staff user accounts can only be completed by someone with the "Access to company settings." permission.

To add a team member to Reimbi, select, "Manage Staff Accounts" from company settings.  Then select "Create New" and fill in their information.  Once "Add account" is clicked an invitation email will be sent to the new staff user.

Note: If your company has SSO enabled then you will not see the "Create New" option. Staff users should be added through your SSO solution. 

Staff Account Permissions

The necessary permissions should be assigned when adding or editing a staff user. The available permissions:

Approve reimbursements/payouts. This permission allows the user to review, approve and reject expense reports and payouts. 

Add new requesters. This permission allows the user to invite new requesters to use Reimbi in order to create expenses and submit expense reports. 

View all requesters and transactions. With this permission assigned the user can see all of the company's requesters, expense reports, and payouts. Without this permission, the user will only see the requesters that they invited or where they are listed as the approver. 

Access to company settings. This permission will allow the user access to all of the company configuration settings for Reimbi including the reimbursement policies. 

Access to subscription and billing. This permission will allow the staff user to see details about the company's Reimbi subscription, prepay balance, and payment method. 

Export data. With this permission assigned a user will be able to export expense report, staff user, and payout data. 

Create payouts. If direct payouts are enabled for the company then this permission can be assigned to user that will enter the payout information in Reimbi.

Editing staff accounts

To change a staff user's name, email address, status, or permissions just click on the staff user's name from the Company Settings --> Staff Accounts page.

Inactivating staff accounts

If you have an employee that no longer needs access to Reimbi you should deactivate their account. To deactivate an account in Reimbi, select, "Manage Staff Accounts" from company settings then click on the name of the person you wish to deactivate. Change the status on the profile to Inactive and click update. 

Note: Reimbi will not automatically remove the assigned permissions when an account is made inactive. However, the user will not be able to login to use Reimbi when their account is Inactive. If the user is then made active again the previously assigned permissions are marked. 

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